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Lindpro A/S
Fabriksparken 58
2600   Glostrup

Tlf: +45 70 10 16 17

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About Lindpro

Electrical engineering is more than just our slogan – It is what we are. Everything we do must create value for our customers, today and in the future. 

Lindpro is one of Denmark’s largest electrical contractors. Based on a sound business concept, with electrical installations as the core business and focusing on the B2B market, our activities are diverse, ranging from Denmark’s largest electrical contracts through to small service assignments. Approximately 1000 employees meet our customers around the country. Our local sites ensure detailed knowledge of local conditions and also benefit from our nationwide skills.

Business areas

At Lindpro we know the importance of developing, cultivating, and optimizing our strengths. Our skills can be combined and used across organization and projects. Flexibility allows us to supply the service our customers need, today and in the future.
Lindpro has a broad, multidisciplinary skills platform and experienced specialists in all our areas of expertise. Our specialists constantly keep abreast of technical developments in their fields through ongoing training and education. This is electrical engineering of the future. 

Electrical contracting
Lindpro offers a broad and multidisciplinary electrical technical expertise within buildings and industrial installations. We specialize in putting together and implementing complete solutions which include several disciplines. We quality assure both our solutions and work processes so that we deliver the best project contract at the best price.

A multidisciplinary contract may contain:

  • Electrical installations
  • Intelligent building installations (IBI)
  • Fire and intruder alarm systems, call systems
  • Acess control, voice alarm, and CCTV
  • Tele- and data installations
  • Automation
  • BMS systems

One of Lindpro’s strongest skills is service and we perform on all kinds of electrical installations. Our service crew is very focused on quality assurance and will advise you on our most optimum and economical solutions. Based on many years of experience, Lindpro offers service agreements on statutory and preventive service checks. Planned maintenance will secure functional installations without expensive, emergency downtime. With a Lindpro service agreement you can expect:

  • To limit the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Functional installations
  • Assurance of compliance with the legislation
  • Overview of your systems
  • A service partner who knows your system
  • Advising and coaching
  • Security and certainty


Lindpro is a certified security partner and we will stand by your side, all the way from advising to servicing. At Lindpro, we do not sell standard solutions. When it comes to security, we base our solution on your individual needs and in compliance with the legislation.

Lindpro offers you fully implementable and future proof solutions for:

  • Security systems
  • Fire systems
  • Call systems

The largest electrical contractor in Greenland

Lindpro’s subsidiary Arssarnerit is the largest electrical installation company in Greenland, with 5 branches spread across the country. Arssarnerit employs approximately 100 people and has many years of experience with large contracts in Greenland. Arssarnerit has enough manpower to solve any installation, regardless the extent of the contract or task. 


If you have any questions about Lindpro, please contact us. 

Head office 
Fabriksparken 58 
2600 Glostrup 
Phone: +45 70 10 16 17