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Lindpro A/S
Fabriksparken 58
2600   Glostrup

Tlf: +45 70 10 16 17

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About Lindpro

Provider of technical solutions – covering security, electrical and plumbing solutions

Lindpro is a total provider of technical solutions, ranging from lighting, data and heating and plumbing to fire, sprinkler and security solutions and advanced building management systems (BMS) that integrate all the building's technical systems and ensure a manageable operating budget and optimal work conditions.

Choose the whole package or pick and mix between technical solutions

For our customer we both deliver large contacts covering all technical deliveries as well as solutions in one particular area eg. fire alarm system or lighting. No matter which one you choose, you are assured a functional and tested solution that takes account of your individual needs as well as regulatory requirements and technical pitfalls. For example, we can help handle your fire strategy report and break it down into concrete partial projects.

Read more about Lindpro and our technical solutions

Are you in the start-up of a larrge project or just interested in knowing more about Lindpro, please feel free to contact

Divitionsdirector Brian Ludvigsen
+45 25 60 73 00


If you have any questions about Lindpro, please contact us. 

Head office 
Fabriksparken 58 
2600 Glostrup 
Phone: +45 70 10 16 17